“For through the Spirit we eagerly await by faith the righteousness for which we hope.”
                            -Galatians 5:5


Because waiting is most times inevitable, that’s why offices, buildings, airports, bus-stops and other places have chairs and a place of waiting.

Think about this, you just rounded off the day’s job and its time to go home. You are all set, in fact you are at the bus-stop now but the bus is running late than normal. If you are not left with much choice, I bet you will wait till the bus comes.

Or you are at the airport and the plane is terribly behind schedule. The announcer says the plane will be atleast an hour or two later than the scheduled time. Do you pack your bags and go back home?

If you live in Lagos Nigeria, you know all too well how it feels to wait for a bus or a plane as the case may be. I once had to wait for a bus standing and while the agonizing hours stretched, a man beside me commented

“I know we are not going to sleep here.”

This is similar to our experiences in life. Often times, we have to wait on God for a fulfillment of what He had said concerning us. And we will wait, the question is are we going to wait in good faith like the man standing beside me at the bus-stop or are you going to look for other means and probably end up with no solution on top of missing the bus when it comes? Because just like the bus, God will come. the bus may even fail to show up but God will not! Everything has its appointed time and God is never late… unlike the bus.

Note this; waiting is inevitable, its like being at the airport waiting for a flight that is behind schedule or waiting on that bus that will get you home. Even your phone and other devices make you wait for an application or software to load. You’ve got no choice but to wait. Leaving the place can result to missing the bus, flight or utilizing the app. Waiting breeds patience – an attribute required to show God’s good works.

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