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Music Repartee With Alex: 2015 Urban Gospel Next Rated Artistes


Hello #SelahAfrikNation! It’s been about a minute since I last wrote in this column. I remember the last time it was about Bob Fitts’ “Shadow of your Wings” and it’s impact on my child hood. Today, I want to spare at least a sentence each to make some predictions about some artistes to lookout for in this year. I know… I know… I should have done this at the beginning of the year but… better late than never!

Last year, Frank Edwards, Lara George, Joe Praize, Ada, Onos, Tim Godfrey and more left their indelible footprint on the sand of the times of the Gospel music  but no, I don’t want to talk about them. Let’s talk about Gil Joe, Nkay, Mayo Michael, EseQlic, Nolly, Wallz.

Gil Joe:


Gil Joe, as far as I am concerned had one of the biggest urban tune in 2014 with “Christian Baller.” His consistency is indisputable. He had it coming way before “Christian Baller” with songs such as “Superstar”, “Thanksgiving” (which is another one of my favourites), “We Ryde” and more. He has put all these songs together in a compilation titled “The Singles”. Frank Edwards once said Gil Joe’s forthcoming album is flawless, I don’t doubt the album is going to be ground breaking… I just hope it doesn’t break the ground… literally!

Mayo Michael:


I got Mayo’s song through OAP 4LaH. I know if it’s coming from her, it has to be unique what I didn’t know was the extent of it’s uniqueness. The title of the song “Gloria” is bound to get you. Gloria which means “Glory” in Latin will get your mind going to the female gender if you are a non-initiate. My guess – Mayo craftily chose that titled and it was a brilliant decision! Honestly, “Gloria” is the only song I have heard from the talented dude but something tells me there is more from where that came from and we are about to find out in 2015!!! Mayo where you at?!


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I love Gospel artistes who can break the invisible box of limitation that cage most. What gets me more is to see an artiste do so with such prowess. Nkay’s urban sound is fresh, daring and I expect dude to unleash more of that out of the box music on the ‘Gospeldom’ this year! By the way, have you seen his video for the song “Your Love?



I love this chic’s sound man! She sounds so much like Kefee… but I don’t think she aiming to be another Kefee. With Other releases such as Kuwiye,” EseQlic is sure on her way to greatness!

Wallz Wordcykic:


Gameman’s younger brother Wallz is an intelligent rapper. His wordplay, metaphors and imageries are unequivocally excellent! My most favourite song by Wallz is “October Reign” but trust me, dude has other releases that will equally knock you off your feet such as “Rap for Christ Sake”, “Words I Never Said”, “Fighting Temptation” and more. Wallz, whatever you do this year, let an album be in the plan!



Nolly of the CiA is a genius! His rap style is all you need to confirm my words. He combines the Igbo dialect intelligently with the western language. He was able to bring the attention of a lot of people to his music last year and even went on to release an album. I expect major prominence for Nolly this year as he goes on putting in work!

-Written by @Alex_amos

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